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Let AI help you cut costs

Bringing AI and digital tools to significantly reduce your process costs.  


No-Code and Rapid Application Development Platform


Designer tools for Forms, Process and Rules 

We abstract the metadata to hyper-metadata such that the primary application components such as Forms, Access control, Navigation, Workflows, DB transactions and Dashboards can be brought into the domain of No-Code.


No-Code Development

Abstraction engine helps you write modern code in node.js and angular.js and build your end to end systems without having to bring in truck load of developers, and finish the development with less cost, less code, less errors and less time.


API Integration

Huno also incorporates API gateway architecture to help build intrinsic capability within your code for native integration with other up-stream or down-stream systems. Instegration is not just about providing Webservices or APIs.



IT systems need significant amount of data crunching and as we all know, this is compute intensive and labourious task for most systems.
We help you build modern code for analytics, data mining, unstructured data handling using analytics engines. 

Recheck.AI Family of Products

AI and ML based Image Analytics Toolset for application of deep learning in BFSI sector


Video KYC

Let your customers complete their KYC and onboarding; instantly, using RBI/SEBI/IRDAI compliant Video KYC software.

Video-KYC cuts cost of customer acquisition to 10 % of manual methods


Cognitive Extraction

Cognitive Extraction is not your old, flat OCR. Get selective data directly from scanned documents into your structured databases without human intervention. Let AI do the Identification of Key-Value Pairs and extraction 


Digital Fraud Detection

Detect photoshopped (or digitally tampered) images presented as if true documents. Pass the scan image to our API and we tell you if it is tampered. Use this Online tool to get instant report and prevent potential fraud.


Automation Bots: Robotic Process Assistants

Gone are the days when human pair of eyes was necessary to process information, image comparisons etc. Use our Bots to achieve STP (Straight-through-processing).


Aadhaar Vault

Meet the toughest and the meanest Aadhaar Vault for storing aadhaar related information, at a price point you cannot believe. It is manadated by that the Aadhaar numbers of employees, customers etc. be stored in an Aadhaar vault.


Aadhar Redaction Kit

As per the aadhaar act, PMLA act, Telegraph act and RBI master direction, you need to redact the aadhaar numbers.Use the fastest and the most accurate redaction kit in the market to mask your aadhaar card images.


AI SuperResolution

Grainy images of crime scene caught on a CCTV are not much of use in investigation.
Use our GAN based super resolution tool kit to enhance the images.


Video Analytics

AI based detection of Masks, Social distancing, threats, fire, flooding, crime, weapon or production line...
A host of new applications using edge AI on the camera to make real time AI possible.


Comprehensive applications for the frontend service delivery and back-office automation of the Government


Citizen Services Platform

Our technology has helped build some of the largest eGovernance Citizen Services applications in the world. Come and discover our platform and build your citizen services with ease. We upgrade these services with Video and chat-bot based delivery.


Gov:HR& Payroll

Government HR and Payroll is unlike it's corporate counterpart defined by different sets of rules and procedures. We have unparalleled and the most extensive functionality present in Government HR and Payroll domain. Come and explore an unmatched feature set.


e-Office and DMS

File system in the Government is based on greensheets and whitesheets. Documents are filed, dak is handled or how the files are disposed. We have the best eOffice functionality and perhaps the largest implementation in the country


SmartCity Solutions

Our Citizen services platforms are used across multiple SmartCity initiatives. Come and discover our range of offering for SmartCity projects. For SWM to B2B and B2C applications, we provide the common framework to build your SmartCity delivery platform in a jiffy.


Expertise based on years of innovation and engineering


Development Services

Humanitics is known among its customers as a high value service provider for software development services especially in large and mission critical deliveries.


Architecture and Design Services

Our engineers have built some of the most robust, secure, high performance and scalable systems in the country. Leverage Architectural and Design services expertise of the company to augment your initiatives.


Digital Tech Services

We have built large scale Digital tech platforms with IOT, Blockchain, AI and Data Science driven modern consumer and Government platforms. Leverage your projects with our experiences for a faster delivery.


Content and Training Services

More often than not, by the time a project goes live, another large investment in training and content generation activities awaits you. We have requisite skills and manpower to conduct content generation and training activity management.

About us

We are one of a kind.


find, analyze, wonder, design, innovate, re-engineer, improve, process, solve, manage. Bring process@work. 

You are the inspiration, you are also the reason for our existance. we bring back order to your work life through our products and solutions. Achieve far more for far less.

Journey started in Aug'2004 in New Delhi, India from a modest office in Srinivaspuri. We wanted to build enterprise grade software: secure, scalable and usable. On technology front, we kept on pushing the envelope on building a platform for "codeless software development" which resulted into our huno along with Forms engine, Rules engine, Workflow engine etc. On client projects front we kept working in different domains: HR, e-governance, ERP, Banking etc.

We then diversified in to AI and ML and today have a complete toolset to assist process management using AI.

We are a team of 100+ engineers, analysts and researchers who work with systems integration companies and customers to achieve the stated goal of secure, scalable and usable applications while minimizing the development efforts and errors caused by manual coding. We believe that best way to code is not to code and use a middleware to do the job for you.

Teams within Humanitics are chosen from diverse fields of expertise and domains. Core domains are Government, Banking, Insurance, Non-Banking Finance and e-commerce.

Innovation and IP creation


Customer Service and Timeliness


Technology and Business Domain Knowlede


Information Security


UI/UX Design


Our Clients

Sincere thanks to all our customers.

Product Launch Milestones

2 february 2007

Launch of huno

4th January 2009

Launch of HRMS and Payroll

12th June 2012

Launch of Citizen Service Platform

5th March 2017

Launch of Recheck.AI line of products

20th April 2020

Launch of Recheck Video KYC

1st July 2020

Launch of mHSM based Aadhar Vault


Thank you for your interest in us.
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Directions: Reach Saket Metro station by taking Mehrauli Badarpur Road. Take West End Marg and take the first left on to Lane 2 after metro parking. We are located at Kehar Singh Estate.


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