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Cognitive Extraction

Much more than Simple OCR


AI based Identification of Document and required Data

Easy to operate for your clients. Absolutely No-Tech.


Extraction of Key Value Pairs

Easy for your customers to operate even at low network speed


Structuring of data

No need for your clients to download Apps. Just click on link in a notification and start.


Direct injection into db

End-to-end encrypted, Audit trailed, Geo-tagged and served from within the secure domain.


Removes or reduces human effort and cost

And improves time efficiency of conversion

AI makes the difference

Once AI trained, the Cognitive model can extract data consistently from Structured, Semistructured or even Hand Filled Forms

Eyeballing station

Depending on quality of incoming images (trust us, we've seen them all), it might need correction to a small number of errors. This is handled through specially designed eyeballing station software

Feature-rich to meet every requirement

AI based cognitive extraction engine can be trained to deal with any number of documents. This gives you flexibility in implementing Cognitive OCR across variety of usecases. 

Officially Valid Documents

Extraction from ID documents. Currently Recheck is trained to handle extraction from a number of ID documents including the famous five: Aadhaar, PAN, EPIC, DL and Passport 

Semi structured documents

This is required when you have documents such as invoices, Purchase orders, Salary slips, Cheques, Passbooks etc. need to be extracted.


Structured Forms

Recheck has different learning algorithms to deal with data coming in forms that are geometrically the same. For example ITR Forms or Form16 etc.

Hand Filled Box Forms

Boxed forms that are filled in legible box limited hand writing, not applicable to cursive or non boxed hand writing


Hand Filled Box Forms

Your CASA applications, Loan Applications, FD Applications, Credit card applications, Insurance Applications....Any hand filled Box forms.. We will deliver key value pairs in a json packet in seconds


Tax Forms

Your ITR forms, Form 16s, RoC returns.. Any structured forms that have learnable structure, we will deliver key-value pairs in a jason packet in seconds


Invoices, Bills, Pay slips, Checks, Passbooks, Bank statements....

Bring Semi structured forms. We will conduct machine learning and deliver key-value pairs in a jason packet in seconds


ID Cards, POI, POA...

Bring in the ID cards and get a smooth extraction from almost all forms of ID cards, we will deliver key-value pairs in a jason packet in seconds 

Other documents

Your specific needs will take our learning engine to do more. Documents and objects Identified and auto classified by AI Classifier and key-value pair extraction.
This is a growing list. Check with us for any type of documents that you may want trained.

  • Aadhaar documents (there are more than 48 formats with variations and languages, old format, new format etc.)
  • PAN card (there are 6 variations in format and layout)  
  • Driving Licenses (There are almost 500 variations across India. Excepting hand written ones, we can identify most of them)  
  • Indian Passport  
  • Voter Card  
  • Bank statements( computer generated)  
  • Bank passbook- Title page  
  • Cheques  
  • ITR Forms (ITR 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9)  
  • Form16 (Part A and Part B)  
  • Salary Slips  
  • Resumes  
  • Invoices  
  • Electricity bills  
  • Telephone Bills 
  • Credit Card Statements 
  • RC book of vehicles (card based)  
  • CA Certificates and COI-Computation of Income  
  • Land Records (Some states)
  • Stamp papers and Franking
  • Hand Signatures  
  • Seals 
  • NASH Forms 
  • GST Certificates 
  • MSME Certificates