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Video KYC

Extraordinary simplicity; Exceptional Security


Mobile Interface for the Bank Customers

Easy to operate for your clients. Absolutely No-Tech.


Adaptable to Bandwidth

Easy for your customers to operate even at low network speed


Zero App Footprint

No need for your clients to download Apps. Just click on link in a notification and start.


Highly Secure

End-to-end encrypted, Audit trailed, Geo-tagged and served from within the secure domain.


100 % Compliance

100 % Compliance with RBI, SEBI, IRDAI, UIDAI, PMLA and Telecom Act.

Assurance of Compliance

We comply with RBI amended Master Direction for KYC on 9Th Jan 2020. The product also meets SEBI compliance guidelines, UIDAI for Off-line Paperless Verification and a host of other guidelines, directions, rules and acts issued under PMLA, RBI, IRDAI, UIDAI, IT Act, CBDT, Cyber Security acts.

Feature-rich to meet Every Requirement

You can use V-CIP on-prem or on-cloud, purchase it as Capex or use as an Opex

Video Call

Click and join feature allows users to experience an end-to-end encrypted high quality video call. The frame rate and compression rates adjust to the available bandwidth to provide a smooth call experience. 

Liveliness Detection

The system has built-in liveliness detection aided by onscreen OTP and randomization of questions to detect recorded video at the other end


Concurrent Audit

The system has built-in concurrent audit feature and also maker-checker and post cal audit functions. Extensive audit trails are maintained to fish out any attempts of fraud.

Much more than KYC

Host of features such as extra document capture, AI based cognitive extraction, Chat engine etc. help you conduct entire customer on-boardning process and not just the KYC. 

Extensive Call Controls

More call controls than any competing software on the market, allows you to have safe and secure video call with your customer

Encrypted Call

All data, voice and video is encrypted at source, in transport and at storage. The keys are stored in a HSM vault for extra safety


Call captures the location of call origination and meets the regulatory requirement of origin within India

PAN Card Capture and Verification

Customer simply shows the image to the camera during the call, and the system captures, extracts and verifies with NSDL for the authenticity

Aadhaar Card  Verification

System implements XML, PDF, QR code based paperless verification of Aadhaar for the cards which are connected to mobile numbers based on OTP

Live Person Image Capture

Capture live multiple images of the customer for verification and documentation purposes.

Signature Capture and verificaiton

Capture ink signature. Customer simply shows the image to the camera during the call, and the system captures, extracts and verifies with signature on PAN etc.

Liveliness Detection

More than one automated tools keep checking the liveliness of a human presence at the other end via on-screen OTP and randomization of questions

AI based Face Match

The captured image of the customer is matched using AI with the photo on the POI document provided. Automatically.

AI based Signature Match

The ink signature capture is matched with PAN card or other signatures on the application form as per configuration.

Automatic Aadhaar number redaction

In case of aadhaar cards that are not connected to mobile number and if OTP process is not viable, then the captured aadhaar cards are automatically redacted for first 8 digits

Chat Engine

This feature allows you to capture any other written info as a part of the KYC record, for example the nominee name, consent etc.

Document Upload

The system also allows you to upload other documents or photos for the purpose of customer on-boarding.

Maker-Checker; Concurrent audit, Audit trails

Strictest protocols are implemented in the Audit department to ensure tamper proof V-CIP

Session Records

Each and every session is entirely recorded and made available for a later date audit purpose.

Unlimited Sessions; Unlimited session length

No limits on number of Operators, simultaneous connects or video call length


A host of surround tools come bundled in Recheck V-CIP to make your VideoKYC experience the best

  • Configurable Product Journeys - We will configure multiple product journeys with help of our huno for multiple products such as CASA accounts, Cards, Loans etc.
  • Operator Access Control - The system works in tandem with SSO or AD or LDAP infrastructure of the Bank for authentication. Role based access control is provided in the software configuration. The operator product or language skills are recorded within Recheck and used for skill based routing of calls to specific operator inbox.
  • Calendar Setup - Software allows definition of work day, holidays and shift timing for the operator availability and load distribution.
  • Operator Dashboard - The operator gets a clean dashboard to plan his or her work day, schedule and reminders. The dashboard is organized as per final discussions with the client at the time of implementation and customization.
  • Pre-Configured Reports - For management over sight, the system comes with number of call statistics reports to reflect the performance of an operator, average call duration etc. 
  • Concurrent Audit and Posto-facto Audit - The system supports both concurrent audit where by a silent auditor can witness the session live and put his remark or the same can be queued in Maker-checker configuration for posto-facto audit. Recheck V-CIP records detailed audit logs of session information including the credentials of the officer of the RE as per the requirement of RBI guidelines. The audit log is stored in a safe vault, free from potential tampering. 
  • Video Logs and Data logs and Audit trails - The system makes log data available for archival and audit trails. 
  • Messenger, Notifications and alerts - The notification engine within Recheck needs to be connected to Banks notification delivery mechanism including SMS, Mail or WhatsApp for business channels. 
  • Call Scheduler - The software comes with its own schedular and calendaring object so that the schedule can be sent to customer device or calendar using iCAL objects. Failed schedules are re-routed to dashboard for further action. The tool also makes schedule less on-demand call requests possible. Recheck V-CIP comes with a host of tools for conducting real-time or scheduled sessions with the customers. In a typical configuration, the agents from RE’s side login into the system and the software makes live sessions available to each agent in a round robin fashion. For example, if there is a demand to conduct 20 live session and there are 10 live agents available, then the system presents the sessions to 10 agents in a round robin fashion. In real world, if the RE requires other work load distribution algorithms such as FIFO, LIFO, First Freely available agent first or any other such algorithms, then the same can be implemented. 
  • Call reminders and invitation links - The product generated a clickable call link for the customer that can be sent to him/her via the messenger services. The tool also has reminder services. The product also makes scheduling and reminder available to the RE. The customer can request a scheduled time for a KYC session and the Recheck V-CIP product shall send reminder notification to the customer on email or sms or any such distribution channel asking the customer to click and join the session. At the time of scheduled session, the load is distributed to a pool of agents on first come first serve basis. 
  • Date and Time stamps - Video Recording bears date and time stamps as required by the RBI guidelines
  • Video Compression for Long term archival - Video compression has tradeoffs in terms of processor utilization, time to de-compress and storage space. We can provide multiple compression algorithms and finalize it based on client requirements. Following are key criteria for video compression.