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Fraudulent Documents in seconds


AI based image analysis

Detects tell tale signs of editing work done on an image


Multiple Algorithms

Advances in image forensics are applied to verify the AI based detection of fraud



The editing is localized on the image and marked


Forensic Report

Forensic report is prepared with Low, Medium and High rating of tampering


Useful first, go-nogo gate

Think of this as a metal detector at the airport. 

Accurate and Enforceable

We will pinpoint the editing/tampering or forgery done on a document image post camera

Many usecases

Lending, Identity theft, Money transfers, Insurance, claims, employment, legal battles... there's an endless number of usecases where softcopy documents are accepted and need to be verified.

Super-resolution Algoritms

AI to enhance poor image quality to super-high resolution for face recognition


Low-Res CCTV footage 

Enhance the image resolution using AI to help detect person in a crime scene. For example CCTV footage of an ATM


AI trained to generate High-Res face from grainy footage

We trained the AI using high-res images and their corresponding Low-res images and let it learn to paint a synthetic face of a possible High-res image of a person from CCTV footage of Low-Res


Potential Usecases

Usecases in crime investigation, banks, factories, schools and ATMs

Video Analytics

AI for real time video ananlysis


Host of Objects and Events are detected

The growing list of objects and event detected include Weapons, Masks, Social distance, Criminals, production line rate, practically hundreds of events and objects are detected and alerted


Edge Computing and AI

Realitime response includes edge devices capable of AI and real time response to events as they happen. Comprehensive messaging and alert response mechanism helps take action and controls in real time.



Use the AI for counts such as customer walk-ins, measurements such as number of products packed, Dimensions, heat maps and a host of custom measurements that can be built on top of the video analytics engine

Intelligent Bots

Programmable Bots and Robotic Process Assistants


Process Automation

Automate process steps that can be handled by Robotic Process Assitants.


Intelligent Bots

Let AI based intelligent Bots handle image classification, cognitive extraction, image comparison and other AI based tasks


Straight Through Processing

Build a touch-less process using Bots and RPAs so that you can process customer on-boarding or claims settlements without human intervention