The Enterprise Class No-Code platform

huno, with its visual intelligence tools, helps build omni-channel,
Customer, Employee or Partner facing Digital Applications
without having to know how to write software.
It reduces cost and time by 80%, improves application maintainability
and solves the acute global shortfall of competent (and expensive) software developers, architects, designers, security consultants and DevOps specialists otherwise required in a conventional development project.

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Start your Enterprise Business Application development now.
Don't wait for that magical super developer to arrive and build it for you. You can build it yourself with huno.

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no hiring

If you have ever lead an enterprise software development effort, we are sure, you will agree with us; that finding good developers is the hardest job.
huno requires no developers. Your current teams can build your enterprise business application. 

Bring on new development...

no coding

Coding per se is not difficult if given requirements are precise and well documented, but we all know that only happens in a utopian world. In real world, this gap forces constant changes in the software. huno does not require coding.

Bring on changes...

no testing

Testing a software can off set your time and cost equations. Software projects are notorious for being late, leaving no time for testing. As a result, untested software is handed over to the business. huno frees you from technical testing as no code is actually written.
Bring on time crunch....

 Business Benefits

  Build Enterprise Software with confidence
Just start

You don't need to be a software developer

Save 75-80% of budgeted time

Studies show 75 to 80 % time saved in enterprise software development using huno

Save 75-80% of budgeted costs 

huno addresses the crux of the issue: "manpower costs"

Reduce risks

Conventional software development has high risk of poor delivery, delayed delivery or failed delivery. 


Businesses require changes to be made to the software frequently. You don't need to bring in truck load of java developers to handle change management.


Add traffic, users, features and revenue without limitations

End to End Automation 

huno delivers automation for all the layers of enterprise business application development


huno understands your CSS and gives you a host of options for controlling the look, feel and the Visual Design aspects of your enterprise applications

huno helps you define multiple roles and cross mapping of map the roles and users to functionality and information access controls. It works with your enterprise authentication schema such as Active Directory, LDAP or Single Sign-on.

huno comes with a built in forms engine to define your data capture points and forms visualization. It has mechanisms to allow you to build complex forms that can morph based on access controls or data rules.

huno comes with a built in Business rules engine to help you define the rule definitions and invoke those rules as a part of forms, validations or workflow routing.

huno comes with a built in visual workflow engine that helps you build process steps for human-to-human, human-to-machine, machine-to-machine or machine-to-human workflow automation 

huno comes with built-in task automation and actions that complete the process steps. Build any number of automation steps such as automated notifications, messaging, email generation, db updates, batch jobs or offline acync activities

huno generates API interfaces for all the artefacts created by you. You can use them to interface with 3rd party applications. You can consume APIs and data streams from other applications or devices such as IoTs

huno helps you build dashboards, widgets, drill down BI, Graphs, linear reports or cubed-multidimensional reports, document and letter generation and also provides you data views for working with your favorite BI tools outside of huno.

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