Humanitics is one of the leading e-Governnance companies in India and perhaps the largest in the mid market segment. Humanitics provides software backbone to most of leading Systems Integrators in the country. Humanitics solutions have become part of everyday life for millions of citizen in India.
Humanitics has worked extensively with multiple states for various e-Governance initiatives including e-District, e-Municipality, Public Distribution, e-Office, HRMS, Treasury, Police Automation (CCTNS), State Service Delivery Gateway etc.  Apart from these, we also offer solutions for Transport(ITMS), Social Justice, Scheme and Grant Monitoring etc.
Human Resources

Products and solutions to streamline Human Resource Management

Leverage our products, technologies and skills in Human Resource Management to your advantage. From recruitment to retirement, our solutions offer a unique blend of functionality, simplicity, completeness and flexibility. 
Leverage codeless development to manage Forms, Rules, Work flows, Content, Reports, Analytics and right down to data schema, there by reducing turn-around-time from concept to deployment.  
The  products come bundled with hundreds of pre-configured processes to suite your business needs, and you can quickly modify them, if you so desire.    


Products and solutions to deliver e-Governance services within weeks

Thinking of large scale e-service delivery, in weeks rather than months? Wondering what is the fastest way to reach out e-Governance services?
Humanitics develops technologies that leverage the trinity of "Codeless Development", "Agile Methodology" and "Application Frameworks"  to achieve the quickest turn-around-time for you and strive to achieve singular outcome for your Business: The Quickest RoI
We focus on building technology for the direct benefit of large number of users to make everyday life, a bit better, for millions of Citizen.